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Sales Associates

Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law

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This is the bare bones minimum 63 hour course and a great value for those individuals that enjoy reading and have exceptional comprehensive skills along with some knowledge of the real estate industry.

Credit Hours : 63.00

Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law sets the standard for real estate education in Florida. Updated annually, this new version provides you with the latest developments in Florida real estate law and practice. You can reinforce key concepts with practice activities, end-of-unit quizzes, and a 100-question practice exam.

Florida Real Estate Professional Track

Price: $349.00

This course is designed more for the individuals that are just coming into the real estate industry and need that little extra understanding and attention.  

Credit Hours : 63.00

Get on the track to real estate success with this course package covering everything needed for both Florida salesperson prelicensing education and exam preparation. This package includes the Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices, and Law 63-hour online course and the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Drill and Practice QBank.

Florida Real Estate Career Accelerator Package

Price: $449.00

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This course is designed for the individuals that want to jump start their Career in Real Estate and start earning 6 figures+++

Credit Hours : 63.00

This comprehensive licensing package is designed to cover everything a prospective salesperson in Florida needs for prelicensing education, exam preparation and beyond. The package includes the Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices, and Law 63-hour online course, Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Drill and Practice QBank, and Real Estate Accelerator Live Online Sales Training and Coaching program.

Sales Associate Post-Licensing Course
(45 Hour)

Price: $149.00

Written by an industry expert, this course fulfills the 45-hour Florida sales associate state requirement. Updated to meet changing market needs, as well as changes in Florida law, this version offers expanded discussion on financing with examples using the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure forms, which have replaced the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) and Settlement Statement (HUD-1) forms. This course provides a step-by-step guide to conducting business in the real estate industry for new Florida licensees. Special learning features include action lists, useful online resources, case studies, and tips for prospecting all the way through conducting a close.


Broker Pre-Licensing Course
(72 Hour)

Price: $449.00

Credit Hours : 72.00

Get on the track to real estate success with this course package covering everything needed for both Florida broker prelicensing education and exam preparation. The package includes the Florida Real Estate Broker’s Guide 72-hour online course and the Florida Real Estate Broker Drill and Practice QBank.

Broker Post Licensing Course
(60 Hour)

Price: $248.00

Credit Hours : 60.00

Florida requires that new real estate brokers complete 60 hours of approved broker post-licensing education. This package meets that requirement with two 30-hour online courses: Florida Essentials of Real Estate Investment and Real Estate Brokerage: A Management Guide.

Benefits Of Becoming A Real Estate Broker

1. More Career Options

One of the main reasons someone might want to get a broker’s license is if they wish to operate and/or own their own real estate brokerage. This typically means hiring real estate agents, assistants, marketers, and other staff members. But there’s nothing preventing a broker from running a one-person operation if he/wished to do so and keep 100% of the commission.

Of course, running a one-person operation is easier said than done, since it would mean that the broker must handle ALL the tasks needed to keep a brokerage running.

On the other hand, the broker can also choose to hire other real estate agents and brokers and focus on managing the brokerage instead. And if at any point the broker decides to work as an associate broker and simply focus on doing the same tasks as a real estate salesperson, that’s always an option too.

Finally, a broker also has the option to run a property management company. In most states, renting out and managing property, collecting rent and finding tenants for a third party are considered real estate activities, which must be done under the supervision of a real estate broker.

2. More Money

Career options are great and all. But if we’re being honest here, one of the most appealing reasons why someone might become a real estate broker is having a higher earning potential.
Real estate brokers make on average significantly more money than real estate agents.

According to GlassDoor, real estate brokers make an average of $75,935 in the USA, whereas real estate salespersons make $51,392 on average.

3. Associate Brokers Are Seen As More Trustworthy And Experienced

The majority of real estate brokers have more experience in the real estate industry than many agents. That’s by design since experience as a real estate salesperson is one of the requirements of a real estate broker state exam.
In fact, a large number of brokers go beyond the minimum educational requirements of a broker and choose to earn additional specializations and real estate designations.

For this reason alone, prospects looking for a real estate agent are more likely to choose an associate real estate broker than just a regular real estate salesperson. Brokers can use this to their advantage by including in their marketing material the fact that they are experienced brokers and mentioning their certifications and designations.

Finally, associate brokers can use their extensive experience and certifications as leverage in order to get better commission splits with their managing or designated broker.